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Buccaneers recently lost against the Saint Louis Cardinals 19 - 22 in Tampa Bay
Overall Record

22 - 31 - 2 ---5th Ranked

Total Offense

198.27 Yds/Game ---7th Ranked

Total Defense

195.89 Yds/Game ---4th Ranked

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Reports from Saint camp indicate that the struggling Archie Manning will be benched in favor of the lesser talented, but thus far, more productive Bobby Scott. Manning is 3 of 14 for 20 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT in two games this season.

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Bobby Scott has seen limited playing time, and is completing just 28.7% of his passes, but Scott’s only completions nearly brought the Saints to overtime against the Vikings in Week 2. Scott first connected with Don Herrmann for a late score to cut the Viking lead to seven points. On the next drive, and with the clock dwindling to zero, Scott hit a leaping Henry Childs on what was nearly the equalizer. Childs was taken down at the 5-yard line, and the Saints lost the affair, but Scott was the spark that the Saint passing game has otherwise lacked this season.

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If Manning is not in fact permanently benched expect the disappointing Manning to be tethered to a short leash. Saint’s coach Cheapcatch said he is, `less than amused with (Archie`s) performance thus far,` and, `isn’t in the market of watching passes either drop like dead weights or sail off course like some amateur skipper.`

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With just less than a full quarter left to play the Patriots had gained momentum in a game that had previously been deadlocked in a near stalemate, with the Falcons leading 3-0 off of a first quarter field goal.

Late in the third quarter Tim Fox gobbled up his second pick six of the year, returning an errant Scott Hunter throw 60 yards for the go ahead score. Later the Falcons decided twice that they would go for it on fourth down in their own end. The first time they managed to keep the drive going, but on the second chance the Patriot defense waived the `Dikembe Mutombo’ finger. This led to a Grogan TD pass to Daryl Stingley. The Patriots were riding high, finally out of the woods, ready to leave the Falcons in the dark of the forest. But we are all too familiar with the game of Tecmo stealing one`s good fortune lickety-split. Like a gang of bandits from the bushes, the Falcons assured that New England`s spoils would be temporarily held.

The Patriot defense played perhaps its best game of the season, with cornerback Mike Haynes completely negating Atlanta`s biggest receiving threat, Alfred Jenkins. What is the scourge of many a Tecmo team, the Patriots immediately gave up a score following their second TD of the game, after Hunter found a leaping Jim Mitchell (TE) for 60-yards. It was the only cheap catch the New England gave up all game. In fact, 60 of the Falcons total 138 yards passing came on that play.

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Could the Falcons pull off the onside kick, forcing the Patriots to defend their lead? No. New England made no contest about it, as they promptly recovered the kick, settling in at midfield with about two and half minutes left. This is where poor play calling meets a poor player. New England ill advisedly called a play action pass that was called by Atlanta, but Steve Grogan refused to stop the negativity there. Grogan, hit by a bevy of Falcon defenders, fumbled the ball. Atlanta scooped up the loose ball, returning it to the Patriot 1-yard line, scoring one play later on a run up the middle.

The Patriots now had 1:30 to try and tie or win the game. After two straight incompletions, one of which was a completely off target duck that traveled toward the center of the field when the receiver was running a streak down the sideline, New England debated on whether to pop in back up Tom Owen, an equally ineffective QB with a penchant for missing targets. Instead the Patriots gambled, running the ball with Sam Cunningham, as Atlanta was in a pass defense, and coach Chaos was commanding the 13 HP cornerback, Roland Lawrence. By all intents it was not a bad option, as Cunningham burst past midfield with the clock winding down. Perhaps Sam-Bam stepped out of bounds a second or two early (there were :04 left when Cunningham did so), but he did allow John Smith one last attempt at redemption (Smith was 0-2 on the day until that point). The current attempt would be a 57 yarder. Smith`s kick for the third straight time hit the upright, bouncing harmlessly away from the goal posts. Atlanta won the game on the wings of the Tecmo two-minute drill, and Steve Grogan, the turnover maestro, should get much credit for chipping in.

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Grogan has 9 turnovers this season (7 INTs and 2 fumbles). He has SUCKED. He has more INTs than TDs, an amazingly difficult feat to accomplish in Tecmo. Last season only two regular starters finished with more INTs than TDs. This season Grogan shares that distinction with Gary Huff, Jim Hart, and Steve Bartkowski. Worse, for Grogan, is the fact that he only threw five total INTs last season, and that was in an offense that liked to frequently chuck the ball up into coverage.

New England, after two straight losses (one of them a SKP game loss), is sitting at (3-3), good for a second place tie in the AFC EAST. Meanwhile Atlanta, also (3-3), positioned themselves into second place in the NFC WEST, behind the undefeated Ram-Its.

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Away Team@Home TeamPlayed?
Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 23@Redskins (McGoon) ---> 24GAME STATS
Rams (Spectre) ---> 14@Redskins (McGoon) ---> 17GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 0@Giants (cheapcatch) ---> 14GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 24@49ers (goiggles) ---> 14GAME STATS
Patriots (McGoon) ---> 16@Redskins (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 21@Redskins (McGoon) ---> 0GAME STATS
Cardinals (Spectre) ---> 24@Redskins (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 13@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 17GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 21@Chargers (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Giants (cheapcatch) ---> 17@Redskins (McGoon) ---> 7GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 0@Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 12GAME STATS
Eagles (slimjimmy7) ---> 21@Redskins (McGoon) ---> 45GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 17@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 20GAME STATS
Saints (slimjimmy7) ---> 7@Redskins (McGoon) ---> 34GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 31@Cardinals (Spectre) ---> 6GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 14@Eagles (slimjimmy7) ---> 3GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 13@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 35GAME STATS
Washington Redskins (McGoon)@Philadelphia Eagles (slimjimmy7)NOT PLAYED
Chargers (McGoon) ---> 44@Broncos (goiggles) ---> 6GAME STATS
Chargers (McGoon) ---> 35@Raiders (Spectre) ---> 14GAME STATS
Dolphins (cheapcatch) ---> 0@Chargers (McGoon) ---> 28GAME STATS
Chargers (McGoon) ---> 14@Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 21GAME STATS
Raiders (Spectre) ---> 21@Chargers (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Chargers (McGoon) ---> 17@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 20GAME STATS
Seahawks (cheapcatch) ---> 28@Chargers (McGoon) ---> 3GAME STATS
Chargers (McGoon) ---> 0@Steelers (cheapcatch) ---> 37GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 21@Chargers (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 14@Chargers (McGoon) ---> 17GAME STATS
Chargers (McGoon) ---> 28@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 18GAME STATS
Bengals (Spectre) ---> 35@Chargers (McGoon) ---> 28GAME STATS
Chargers (McGoon) ---> 7@Seahawks (cheapcatch) ---> 24GAME STATS
Chargers (McGoon) ---> 14@Dolphins (cheapcatch) ---> 7GAME STATS
Broncos (goiggles) ---> 14@Chargers (McGoon) ---> 13GAME STATS
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 21@Chargers (McGoon) ---> 28GAME STATS
Houston Oilers (McGoon)@San Diego Chargers (McGoon)NOT PLAYED
Oilers (McGoon) ---> 14@Bears (Spectre) ---> 35GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 28@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Steelers (cheapcatch) ---> 37@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 0GAME STATS
Oilers (McGoon) ---> 0@Seahawks (cheapcatch) ---> 45GAME STATS
Oilers (McGoon) ---> 0@Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 35GAME STATS
Bengals (Spectre) ---> 0@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 19GAME STATS
Oilers (McGoon) ---> 12@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 21GAME STATS
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 31@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 0GAME STATS
Colts (Spectre) ---> 28@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 21GAME STATS
Oilers (McGoon) ---> 0@Bengals (Spectre) ---> 24GAME STATS
Chargers (McGoon) ---> 28@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 18GAME STATS
Oilers (McGoon) ---> 7@Dolphins (cheapcatch) ---> 7GAME STATS
Lions (cheapcatch) ---> 21@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 31GAME STATS
Oilers (McGoon) ---> 21@Vikings (goiggles) ---> 28GAME STATS
Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 31@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 0GAME STATS
Oilers (McGoon) ---> 0@Steelers (cheapcatch) ---> 3GAME STATS
Houston Oilers (McGoon)@San Diego Chargers (McGoon)NOT PLAYED
Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 14@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 16GAME STATS
Patriots (McGoon) ---> 28@Dolphins (cheapcatch) ---> 14GAME STATS
Patriots (McGoon) ---> 28@Bengals (Spectre) ---> 35GAME STATS
Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 15@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Patriots (McGoon) ---> 16@Redskins (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Colts (Spectre) ---> 19@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 36GAME STATS
Oilers (McGoon) ---> 12@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 21GAME STATS
Cardinals (Spectre) ---> 35@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 3GAME STATS
Patriots (McGoon) ---> 14@Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 23GAME STATS
Patriots (McGoon) ---> 21@Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 21GAME STATS
Jets (slimjimmy7) ---> 35@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 7GAME STATS
Patriots (McGoon) ---> 21@Colts (Spectre) ---> 7GAME STATS
Dolphins (cheapcatch) ---> 21@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 15GAME STATS
Patriots (McGoon) ---> 17@Jets (slimjimmy7) ---> 0GAME STATS
Seahawks (cheapcatch) ---> 21@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 10GAME STATS
Patriots (McGoon) ---> 34@Giants (cheapcatch) ---> 7GAME STATS
Dolphins (cheapcatch) ---> 27@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 7GAME STATS
Miami Dolphins (cheapcatch)@New England Patriots (McGoon)NOT PLAYED
Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 23@Redskins (McGoon) ---> 24GAME STATS
Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 31@Lions (cheapcatch) ---> 0GAME STATS
49ers (goiggles) ---> 7@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 31GAME STATS
Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 31@Vikings (goiggles) ---> 13GAME STATS
Bears (Spectre) ---> 14@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 21GAME STATS
Chargers (McGoon) ---> 17@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 20GAME STATS
Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 0@Saints (slimjimmy7) ---> 7GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 13@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 17GAME STATS
Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 21@Dolphins (cheapcatch) ---> 6GAME STATS
Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 3@Bears (Spectre) ---> 20GAME STATS
Vikings (goiggles) ---> 13@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 16GAME STATS
Lions (cheapcatch) ---> 17@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 24GAME STATS
Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 31@Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 7GAME STATS
Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 10@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 21GAME STATS
Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 21@Rams (Spectre) ---> 30GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 17@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Cardinals (Spectre) ---> 22@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 19GAME STATS
Chicago Bears (Spectre)@Tampa Bay Buccaneers (McGoon)NOT PLAYED

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Overall Record

22 - 31 - 2


Home Game Record

8 - 19 - 0


Away Game Record

14 - 12 - 2


Passing Yards

128.18 Yds/Game


Rushing Yards

70.09 Yds/Game


Total Offense

198.27 Yds/Game


Passing Yds Allowed

119.18 Yds/Game


Rushing Yds Allowed

76.71 Yds/Game


Total Defense

195.89 Yds/Game


0 Super Bowls, 0 Super Bowl Rings

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