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What Do We Do Here?

TLL The Tecmo Legacy League started by a group of Tecmo Super Bowl 3 enthusiasts, went for many seasons before disbanding right before the 1982 Super Bowl.

WTFS Back in the heyday of the WTF leagues, there was WTF, WTF:R, WTF:C, and.... WTF:S? Very shortlived SNES Tecmo Super Bowl 1 League.

SNFL A Simulated League, that was a prototype for the old Browning Nagle System. I like to play around with it from time to time.

GENS Yeah, believe it or not, it is a working stat extractor and site for Tecmo Super Bowl for Genesis.

Tecmo Legacy League

Statistics and League Standings

1981 Legacy Championship
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1981 Legacy Championship

Tecmo Legacy

Old Games - TONS of classics

Super Nintendo Football League

Statistics and League Standings

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