So wait a minute... Wasn't this once?

Well, yes it was. I originally started the site to commemorate the worst Tecmo Super Bowl quarterback in the original SNES game. Than I got an email one day stating that I can't use his likeness to sell website templates (which didn't make sense, but whatever). If he would have just asked for it I would have given it to him. Instead he threatened legal action, so I sold it to him, and now he owns it.

So naturally, the next worst quarterback is the Jets backup quarterback Browning Nagle. He's not only bad in the original SNES game, but also the Genesis/SNES, 2nd, and 3rd versions. Browning Nagle is the game dev wing. I then purchased, which used to be owned by SBlueman, and then Tecmoturd way back in the day and that will be for the league software etc.

Going back even farther was A forum that was for editing games. It actually became part home to the 32 team NES build during part of the build phase because was being over run by bots and junk. The site really only produced a few games for NES, and SNES TSB 3. Click below for the archives.

The Archives

TecmoTurds Notes

Gobs of free info on locations in hex and keys to programming for the original version of Tecmo Super Bowl for the SNES.

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TSB Tool GitHub

The quintessential programs developed to be used with Tecmo Super Bowl (NES & SNES) Automatically exported from

Check It Out

Fan made site that has helpful links to tools and resources for Tecmo Super Bowl. Including rom collections, analysis, and popular links.

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