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This site is for the less heralded versions of Tecmo Super Bowl. On this site you will find league software and resources for Tecmo Super Bowl SNES and Sega, the Special Edition, and the not really final, Final Edition!

Modernize The Game It'll blow your mind.

Working VERY slowly to Disassemble Tecmo Super Bowl SNES. The goal is to have 32 teams represented, possibly 2 point conversions. Modern imaging, players, plays maybe?

Disassembly Notes

Welcome to TecmoSuperBowl.net Hosted by B. Nagle Classic Gaming

If you are looking for the NES version and found yourself lost click on the button below to visit TecmoBowl.org. If you've come this far and you are still on the page, maybe you're willing to go a little farther. Visit some old league sites below for some inspiration and history!

NES Tecmo Super Bowl


The Tecmo Legacy League started by a group of Tecmo Super Bowl 3 enthusiasts, went for many seasons before disbanding right before the 1982 Super Bowl.

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Back in the heyday of the WTF leagues, there was WTF, WTF:R, WTF:C, and.... WTF:S? World Tecmo Federation SNES. Not for the faint of heart. Very shortlived SNES Tecmo Super Bowl 1 League.

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A test League, that was a prototype for the old Browning Nagle System. I like to play around with it from time to time. Originally meant for Tecmo Super Bowl 3.

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