Disassembly Notes

These notes are compiled and credited to myself and TecmoTurd mainly. Some data may have been compiled by others.

Menu Pointers

Changing these values will allow you to change the data to fit into these menus

  $17:2000 is our base address
34A1 Points to Beginning Menu Preseason etc
85A2 Point to Team Control Menu
1DA4 Individual Leaders Screen Menu
EDA4 Team Data Screen
C0A5 AFC All Stars Screen
D7A6 NFC All Stars Screen
0FA7 Passing Attributes Screen
2BA8 Running Back Wide Receivers Tight End Attributes
A4A8 Defensive Attributes
ABA8 Same?
20A9 Kicker
5BA9 Punter
8DA9 Member Change?
41AA Unused Team Area?
AA92 Team Roster Change Screen
AAD9 More Of The Same
1AAB Defensive Starters
2DAB Defensive Starters
40AB Defensive Starters
D9AB Team Data Team Screen

Small Helmet Palettes

Shared for space considerations, most of them are 2 to 3 colors spread over the 16 color palette


Small Helmet Locations (Team Data)

Starting with Buffalo and going horizontally like reading a page. Changing this to any other combination of pointers (Bengals: 8D44) will change it to that helmet.  If I place it in the 0000 before it, it will move it farther towards the side!

  $13:D7F6 (8B64) Buffalo
$13:D7FC (8D44) Bengals
$13:D802 (8F84) Broncos
$13:D80A (8C44) Colts
$13:D80E (9144) Dolphins
$13:D810 (8E44) Browns
$13:D814 (9244) Oilers
$13:D81A (9064) Chiefs
$13:D81F (9444) Raiders
$13:D822 (EB60) Patriots
$13:D826 (96A4) Jets
$13:D828 (9384) Steelers
$13:D832 (9584) Chargers
$13:D836 (9744) Seahawks
$13:D83E (9C84) Falcons
$13:D842 (9D84) Rams
$13:D846 (A2A4) Saints
$13:D84A (A4A2) 49ers
$13:D7E8 (A444) Buccaneers
$13:D7E2 (A364) Redskins
$13:D7D4 (A184) Vikings
$13:D7D0 (A064) Packers
$13:D7CE (9F44) Cardinals
$13:D7CA (9EA4) Eagles
$13:D7BC (9B44) Lions
$13:D7B8 (9A84) Bears
$13:D7B6 (9984) Giants
$13:D7B2 (9884) Cowboys

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