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Cowboys recently lost against the New York Giants 13 - 21 in Dallas
Overall Record

43 - 48 - 1 ---3rd Ranked

Total Offense

208.07 Yds/Game ---2nd Ranked

Total Defense

190.52 Yds/Game ---2nd Ranked

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‘Seek out and destroy.’ The Raider philosophy. That is exactly what Hendricks did to the Kansas City Chief offense, and in particular to up and coming quarterback, Bill Kenney. Kenney, who had displayed promise that could elevate the Chiefs offense, sadly exited the game with a knee injury after being sacked by Hendricks. Later results showed Kenney is out for the season, the first time a quarterback has ever suffered such a terrible injury in the history of the Tecmo Legacy League. Hendricks has said, ‘I just do what I feel like doing. As long as I don’t interrupt anybody, or hurt anyone.” We must wonder how Hendricks feels about taking out Kenney for the season, and if he put thought into his major interruption of the Chiefs offense that was ground to a stagnation. It was ‘fun time’ for Hendricks, as the unorthodox linebacker helped stage a series of rude welcome to the TLL incidents. The show was all part of a hall of mirrors, carnival like atmosphere, with the offense of the Chiefs, at every step, bumping into the ‘Mad Stork’ as they bumbled their way in search of the exit. By the time the way to the egress was found, the Bordier led Raiders devastated, haunted, and bewildered rookie coach Jarrad Lutton’s Chiefs 49-0.

Hendricks recorded 15 tackles, tied for third best all-time with Randy Gradishar, just behind Brian Kelley, NYG, (17 tackles) and Bill Bergey, PHI, (16 tackles). The ‘Mad Stork’ also sacked Kansas City quarterbacks 4 times. This is Ted’s fourth Player of the Week honor, and first since Week 9 of the 1979 season.

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Away Team@Home TeamPlayed?
Raiders (Spectre) ---> 49@Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 0GAME STATS
Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 7@49ers (goiggles) ---> 17GAME STATS
Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 0@Broncos (goiggles) ---> 16GAME STATS
Chargers (McGoon) ---> 14@Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 21GAME STATS
Bengals (Spectre) ---> 17@Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 7GAME STATS
Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 23@Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 14GAME STATS
Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 30@Colts (Spectre) ---> 0GAME STATS
Saints (slimjimmy7) ---> 14@Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 17GAME STATS
Patriots (McGoon) ---> 14@Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 23GAME STATS
Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 14@Chargers (McGoon) ---> 17GAME STATS
Seahawks (cheapcatch) ---> 17@Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 14GAME STATS
Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 13@Raiders (Spectre) ---> 14GAME STATS
Rams (Spectre) ---> 21@Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 17GAME STATS
Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 21@Seahawks (cheapcatch) ---> 17GAME STATS
Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 31@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 0GAME STATS
Broncos (goiggles) ---> 20@Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 15GAME STATS
Seattle Seahawks (cheapcatch)@Kansas City Chiefs (BadMoonRison)NOT PLAYED
Kansas City Chiefs (BadMoonRison)@Oakland Raiders (Spectre)NOT PLAYED
Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 37@Rams (Spectre) ---> 7GAME STATS
Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 35@Cardinals (Spectre) ---> 20GAME STATS
Colts (Spectre) ---> 35@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 21GAME STATS
Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 15@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Lions (cheapcatch) ---> 9@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 14GAME STATS
Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 21@Redskins (McGoon) ---> 0GAME STATS
Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 6@Giants (cheapcatch) ---> 0GAME STATS
49ers (goiggles) ---> 7@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 35GAME STATS
Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 17@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 28GAME STATS
Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 14@Jets (slimjimmy7) ---> 24GAME STATS
Eagles (slimjimmy7) ---> 7@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 10GAME STATS
Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 28@Vikings (goiggles) ---> 21GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 17@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 20GAME STATS
Giants (cheapcatch) ---> 7@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 23GAME STATS
Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 14@Eagles (slimjimmy7) ---> 28GAME STATS
Cardinals (Spectre) ---> 21@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 14GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 13@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 35GAME STATS
Cardinals (Spectre) ---> 7@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 28GAME STATS
Giants (cheapcatch) ---> 21@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 13GAME STATS
Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 14@Patriots (McGoon) ---> 16GAME STATS
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 0@Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 31GAME STATS
Eagles (slimjimmy7) ---> 7@Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 41GAME STATS
Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 31@Cardinals (Spectre) ---> 7GAME STATS
Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 35@Colts (Spectre) ---> 28GAME STATS
Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 14@Dolphins (cheapcatch) ---> 20GAME STATS
Jets (slimjimmy7) ---> 30@Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 7GAME STATS
Dolphins (cheapcatch) ---> 7@Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 14GAME STATS
Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 17@Cowboys (BadMoonRison) ---> 28GAME STATS
Patriots (McGoon) ---> 21@Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 21GAME STATS
Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 0@Steelers (cheapcatch) ---> 3GAME STATS
Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 21@Jets (slimjimmy7) ---> 24GAME STATS
Broncos (goiggles) ---> 25@Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 28GAME STATS
Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 10@Raiders (Spectre) ---> 7GAME STATS
Giants (cheapcatch) ---> 24@Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 21GAME STATS
Colts (Spectre) ---> 15@Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 27GAME STATS
Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 21@Jets (slimjimmy7) ---> 33GAME STATS
Buffalo Bills (BadMoonRison)@Baltimore Colts (Spectre)NOT PLAYED
Lions (cheapcatch) ---> 7@Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 0GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 28@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Saints (slimjimmy7) ---> 21@Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 28GAME STATS
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 14@Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 18GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 35@Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 8GAME STATS
Giants (cheapcatch) ---> 17@Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 7GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 10@Vikings (goiggles) ---> 7GAME STATS
Bears (Spectre) ---> 7@Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 23GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 28@Lions (cheapcatch) ---> 34GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 15@Cardinals (Spectre) ---> 17GAME STATS
Bengals (Spectre) ---> 13@Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 10GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 14@Bears (Spectre) ---> 10GAME STATS
Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 31@Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 7GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 13@Steelers (cheapcatch) ---> 35GAME STATS
Vikings (goiggles) ---> 6@Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 24GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 17@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 14GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 18@Giants (cheapcatch) ---> 21GAME STATS
Green Bay Packers (BadMoonRison)@Minnesota Vikings (goiggles)NOT PLAYED
Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 3@Seahawks (cheapcatch) ---> 21GAME STATS
Broncos (goiggles) ---> 31@Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 17GAME STATS
Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 21@Rams (Spectre) ---> 23GAME STATS
Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 22@Saints (slimjimmy7) ---> 30GAME STATS
Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 35@Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 8GAME STATS
Chiefs (BadMoonRison) ---> 23@Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 14GAME STATS
Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 35@Bears (Spectre) ---> 7GAME STATS
Giants (cheapcatch) ---> 27@Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 17GAME STATS
Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 7@49ers (goiggles) ---> 16GAME STATS
Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 17@Raiders (Spectre) ---> 27GAME STATS
Redskins (McGoon) ---> 0@Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 12GAME STATS
Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 35@Cardinals (Spectre) ---> 22GAME STATS
49ers (goiggles) ---> 27@Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 13GAME STATS
Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 10@Buccaneers (McGoon) ---> 21GAME STATS
Saints (slimjimmy7) ---> 21@Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 7GAME STATS
Rams (Spectre) ---> 10@Falcons (BadMoonRison) ---> 7GAME STATS
San Francisco 49ers (goiggles)@Atlanta Falcons (BadMoonRison)NOT PLAYED
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 10@Bengals (Spectre) ---> 38GAME STATS
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 0@Bills (BadMoonRison) ---> 31GAME STATS
Vikings (goiggles) ---> 9@Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 14GAME STATS
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 14@Packers (BadMoonRison) ---> 18GAME STATS
Oilers (McGoon) ---> 0@Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 35GAME STATS
Bears (Spectre) ---> 0@Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 27GAME STATS
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 7@Lions (cheapcatch) ---> 21GAME STATS
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 31@Oilers (McGoon) ---> 0GAME STATS
Bengals (Spectre) ---> 16@Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 0GAME STATS
Steelers (cheapcatch) ---> 23@Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 7GAME STATS
Dolphins (cheapcatch) ---> 7@Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 14GAME STATS
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 17@Steelers (cheapcatch) ---> 21GAME STATS
Jets (slimjimmy7) ---> 14@Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 3GAME STATS
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 14@Broncos (goiggles) ---> 17GAME STATS
Raiders (Spectre) ---> 21@Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 14GAME STATS
Browns (BadMoonRison) ---> 21@Chargers (McGoon) ---> 28GAME STATS
Cincinnati Bengals (Spectre)@Cleveland Browns (BadMoonRison)NOT PLAYED

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Overall Record

43 - 48 - 1


Home Game Record

18 - 31 - 1


Away Game Record

25 - 17 - 0


Passing Yards

128.10 Yds/Game


Rushing Yards

79.97 Yds/Game


Total Offense

208.07 Yds/Game


Passing Yds Allowed

118.67 Yds/Game


Rushing Yds Allowed

71.85 Yds/Game


Total Defense

190.52 Yds/Game


0 Super Bowls, 0 Super Bowl Rings

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