The Rules

#1 - Set in 1993

Have Fun, It's The Most Important Rule, quitters are not to be tolerated, remember it is a game, and games are fun. Everyone gets screwed from time to time, so let it go, there are plenty of more games in the future.

#2 - Set in 1993

ZSNES 1.36 is the emulator of choice, there are other versions of ZSNES out there, but this one is deemed the most reliable for netplay.

#3 - Set in 1993

All games will be played in season mode.

#4 - Set in 1993

5 Minute Quarters are the standard for the league

#5 - Set in 1993

Injuries are turned on, keep in mind if your player gets injured he is out for up to 3 games. Up to 3 games means he could be back the next game or be out 3 games

#6 - Set in 1993

Please say GL and GG. Those stand for Good Luck and Good Game. Or some form of well wishing. I.E. Bgboud's may there be no low probability plays during this contest

#7 - Set in 1993

The winner is responsible for getting the .zst file.

#8 - Set in 1993

Save states frequently during the game. These can be used in the event of a disconnect, error, or dispute. Video desyncs in ZSNES. You ARE able to save states after disconnection!

#11 - Set in 1993

Please allow the team on defense to pick their defender before the ball is snapped.

#12 - Set in 1993

Onside kicks are allowed under the following conditions:

A team can never onside when in the lead. If game is tied or team is trailing onsides are legal. If a leading team accidentally kicks onsides and recovers, they must punt to the endzone (as to avoid a fumble on a punt return). If time is an issue, the recovering offender will have to kick FG.

#13 - Set in 1993

You CAN be a defensive lineman and you CAN be the fourth man down on XP and FG. You must either try and go around the tackle box with the DL or try and wrestle the OL off, no lurching.

#14 - Set in 1993

WR and TE cannot be used as running backs and can run only in reverses. RB's can also be used as WR's, and used however you want to use them.

#17 - Set in 1993

Playoffs are dependent on how many teams there are. If there are 12 teams or lower, 6 in each conference, the conferences top 2 teams on each side will play a conference championship, the winners will advance to the Super Bowl.

If there are 14-18 teams there will be a 4 team playoff in each conference. The two division winners in each conference will play the two wildcards first and last, second and third type format, and we will eliminate from there.

20 or more teams is a 6 team playoff, 6 divisions the top two division winners get a bye. Wild cards are the next three best teams. This will follow the NFL style except 2nd round matchups are static, not dynamic like the current system.

#18 - Set in 1993

Format is subject to change depending on interest, overall there can be anywhere between 5-15 teams in each conference (AFC Conference and NFC Conference). Schedule will vary depending on number of owners. If participation dips below 5 in each conference the league will go into meatspin mode. If interest balloons, we will kick it back out of meatspin mode.

Meatspin Mode: Anyone plays with any team, just get the games done. The remaining players than divy out the teams to perform GM duties for those teams in the offseason.

#20 - Set in 1993

This is a WTF dynasty league. Starting in 1993 everything has a component to it. Aging/Progression, Drafts, Retirements, Free Agency, Formation Changes, MVP, Hall Of Fame, and of course Full Stats

#21 - Set in 1993

FREE AGENCY - You can choose any player cut from a team or any player not picked in one of the college drafts that has not retired. The undrafted rookies WILL RECEIVE THEIR WORST POSSIBLE RATING. Free agency is not a place to pick up good players; it is a place to pick up enough players to field a team and to fill up a practice squad of marginal talent.

If you want to pick up a player use the Free Agency page on SNESphile to select a player and submit your claim. Other owners will have 24 hours to "claim" that player. The owner with the worst record from the previous season who submits a "claim" will receive the player. Keep in mind that you can never have possession of more than 37 players during any given season (32 on active roster, 5 on practice squad), so you'll need to cut a player from your team before the next season begins if you win your claim to a player and your roster then exceeds 37 players. This will help naturally eliminate any blatant manipulation of the system. Also, ONCE YOU WIN THE RIGHTS TO A PLAYER YOU MAY CUT THAT PLAYER IN THE SAME OFFSEASON. We will use the honor system to prevent manipulation of the system or selecting players just so other teams don't get them.

#22 - Set in 1993

DRAFTING - We draft college players each season to improve our teams and replace retired or aged players. The new players' attributes are devised by evaluating their potential (how good they were considered to be coming out of college) and their actual NFL career. The way the draft works is interesting in the sense that you won't know what their attributes will be until AFTER the draft. As in the real NFL draft, any player, including 1st rounders, can be a bust, while late-round selections may have a small probability of being a breakout star.

We will be copying WTFC's rookie database

#23 - Set in 1993

AGING - The AGE of your players matters greatly. The goal is to have a team that is both young and talented enough to win. Players age and retire based on formula. For example, a 29 year old player has a 10% chance of retirement, a 30% chance of aging (losing attributes) and 60% chance of remaining the same. Young players have a smaller chance of aging and retirement while old players have a very high chance of aging and retirement. You can figure out your players' ages by doing a few different things. You can look up most players on Wikipedia and do Current Season minus Birth Year to figure out their age that season, or you can ask one of the admins for help. There is a page (linked at the bottom of this page) detailing exactly how this aging process works.

#24 - Set in 1993

Players have a chance to offset the aging process through their performance and also stand to gain in attributes by putting up great stats. The players are "tiered" such that the best players only have to compete against other great players, average players compete against other average players, and poorer players compete against other poor players. For example, quarterbacks with 63+ PC would be in Tier A, quarterbacks with 50-56 PC would be Tier B, quarterbacks with 44 or lower PC would be Tier C. The player MUST FINISH IN THE TOP HALF of qualifying participants in their Tier to have a chance to gain attributes. The higher the player finishes, the better chance they have to gain attributes. Look for the link below to view the exact progression table and rules

#25 - Set in 1993

Passion Bucket is how we will be determining how to be lenient on booting players. It will be based off how many games behind a player is. 4 games behind you will be notified and given a week to get better than 4 games behind. The Passion Bucket rating is a suggestion and may be cirumvented in special situations.

Feel free to get a new username if you have been booted and try again, it will reset your passion bucket.

#26 - Set in 1993

You are able to set your base offensive playbook in the Coaching Style/Coaches menu, give your offense a name and it will show up on your team page.

#27 - Set in 1993

Expanding teams and / or changing teams. The new team will have an expansion draft, and get to pick from the expansion draft. Extra players will be added for the expansion draft.

You will keep your same players if you change teams, you will not have to go through an expansion draft.

#28 - Set in 1993

MVP and Hall Of Fame will be voted on by the owners of the league. Most votes in MVP wins, there is both a Offensive and Defensive MVP. Hall of Fame allows owners to vote for as many finalists as they want, but the players will have to get 75% of the votes of the owners to get inducted.

All Pro will be assigned to one owner, and he will create the roster.