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Tim Fox started out at the end of the field, furthest away from quarterback Jim ‘Ploop’ Plunkett. At the line of scrimmage, prior to the snap, Plunkett called the offensive signals. “Blue 42, Blue 42," and "Brown 52,” echoed throughout the stadium. Just across the line of scrimmage defensive lineman Gary ‘The Rock’ Johnson (aka Big Hands) passed on a call to linebacker Cliff Thrift, who then announced the call to the entire defense for purposes of alignment and organization. “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” Thrift hurriedly passed on, his head scanning the field and index finger pointing straight away. From the far reaches of the defensive backfield, faintly it was heard, “Midnight.”

Just thereafter the ball was snapped, gripped in the hands of Plunkett. In a swell, the Chargers defense swarmed the Raider offensive. As the ball released from Plunkett’s fingers, Tim Fox jumped the deep route. With the ball collected in his hands, Mr. Fox tapped Cliff Branch on the shoulder and whispered menacingly, “You’re out.” Following a second interception by Fox and a third in total thrown by Plunkett, Fox offered the same message to Plunkett.

It was said that Plunkett bore a grudge against Mr. Fox for raiding his ‘poultry yards’, and that he vowed to stalk and capture Mr. Fox. Plunkett attempted to set Mr. Fox on fire, but in the end Plunkett only managed to burn down his own fields.

Again a haunting call emerged, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?”

From the dark of the wood was heard, “Midnight.”



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