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The Origins of the Super Nintendo Football League (SNFL)

The Super Nintendo Football League (SNFL), originally a Tecmo Super Bowl 1 League, was founded well back in late 2000's started and ran by bgboud2. When that league and along with TecmoHaven fell apart SNES Tecmo was nearly abandoned.

Shoot forward a few years later the old TecmoHaven code which was coded in setup because of EdisaurusRex's wanting to use to bolster his resume in his career search. TecmoTurd held the code and got most of it into php before passing it to slim_jimmy7. Slim_jimmy7 put it into a basic site and was able to get SNES Tecmo Super Bowl 1, 2, 3 and Genesis to extract into a database.

The SNFL was the prototype league for Tecmo Super Bowl 3 to test the new system slim_jimmy7 setup. It had waning interest a few times in 2012 and 2013, but was ultimately abandoned with just a few games being actually played. Now in 2020 during the rona pandemic, Slim had time to finish off some backend code and decided to open up SNFL to everyone once again!